Community Park

One reason All Saints is here is to serve our city and make an impact on our community. The way in which this will truly be accomplished is through the act of worship. Our “ceremonial” worship on Sunday mornings should lead us towards “substantial” worship at other times. Our worship includes acts of generosity, not just confined to our own congregation or facilities, but generosity that reaches into the needy places in our communities. We want to provide an opportunity for you to do just that while meeting the people in our immediate neighborhood.

As a practical way of demonstrating God’s love for our community, we are transforming this piece of property we have purchased at Jefferson and Claybrook (1292 Jefferson Ave) into a small park for ministry in the neighborhood. Ultimately, we want this to be a picture of God’s transforming love and grace for our neighborhood. With the purchase of this small piece of property, we are buying more than a vacant lot…we are buying a corner; it is an investment in redemption.

Vacant LotStage

Picnic Tables and Stage

Raised Beds