Our Name

The name “All Saints” has historically been associated with the Catholic and Episcopal traditions. It indicates a celebration of the named saints within those Christian traditions. We have chosen the name in order to reflect our conviction that God declares every person who comes into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ a saint. We have received the perfect righteousness of Christ and stand before Him no longer condemned, but loved and accepted as perfect in Him. We also acknowledge the encompassing nature of our name. “All” does not indicate everyone without discretion, but all types of people – socially, racially,ethnically, culturally – are accepted into the community of the Church through their profession of Christ.

All people are welcomed to come and hear and receive the free offer of the gospel and the free extension of grace by Christ. We invite everyone to come without hindrance or inhibition and see that through the compelling message of the gospel of Jesus Christ we are all saints in Him.

We are excited to be part of Midtown Memphis. It is our hope that All Saints will be the place that you can come to experience life, ask your questions, and grow in an understanding of what God is doing and what He wants from us.