About All Saints

Our Mission

All Saints exists to communicate the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the city of Memphis through the authenticity of changed lives, deep relationships and committed service to those in need.

We are called by God to proclaim the transforming love of Jesus Christ and the hope that we have in this love with brokenness and humility through:

  • Worship – Beautiful, creative, and passionate Worship that glorifies God,
  • Teaching – Relevant, biblical, engaging, and historically Reformed Teaching which transforms our hearts, minds, and actions,
  • Relationships – Loving, empathetic and real Relationships which are nurtured through Community Groups and irresistible to our neighbors,
  • Service & Outreach – Sacrificial Service to our neighbors regardless of their beliefs, because we cherish Midtown and dedicate ourselves to the healing of its physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds Cutting-edge evangelistic and seed-planting Outreach that is influenced by cultural change and is relevant to generational groups of Midtown, in order to draw people into the Body of Christ.

Our Staff

Justin Sembler, Pastor

Angelica Adorno, Director of Music & Worship

Becca Farmer, Director of Operations & Communication